Saturday, October 18, 2003

Overheard at Mt. Rushmore

- If you don't start acting like a big boy, we're going RIGHT back to the motel.
- Not THAT button. Push the OTHER button. That's the WRONG button.
- Sit with grandma here in the shade. Grandma doesn't want to go any closer.
- That's not the zoom, THIS is the zoom.
- Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, are you listening to me?
- I think old Dubya would look pretty good up there next to Washington.
- You want more money? For what? An ice cream? Didn't Daddy already buy you a nice camera and this trip? Daddy doesn't have any more money.
- I can't hear you...I can't get a good signal...I'm NOT in the office. I've got the kids and I'm in South Mt. Rushmore. It's HOT here. I couldn't hear that last thing. WHAT? I have to call you back. You can't get a decent signal anywhere up here.
- Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, get OFF of that.
- Look at how good that little boy is being. You are being a very bad boy.
- Bo, Bo, Bo, Bobo, sit here with your grandma.
- Sarah, don't run. Don't run down there. Sarah. Sarah.
- He's being such an asshole this whole trip. He told me that once he got finished with rebuilding that truck that he was going to be sweet like when we got married.
- Zachary, get your hands out of your mouth. We have to go to that nice place and have lunch now. Zachary, Zachary.