Monday, September 29, 2003

October Leg Set to Begin

The furniture is in a gigantic Allied moving van somewhere in Pennsylvania. We are still in Maryland, waiting to sign away the deed on the big house. We have matching colds that we caught from an overworking air conditioner that seemed to pour as much water into the room as it did air.

So, we're miserable.

I'm famously lazy, so we hired two crews to help with moving, one to pack and one to load the truck. I'd go on at length here about a variety of minor problems that came up - involving wasps, handymen, and a Sunday morning visit from the Roto Rooter guys - but it's all too close to me. I'm afraid I'd make so many inflammatory comments about the various agencies involved that I'd be tied up in court for the next eight months instead of steering the big tin can all around the country.

So, we're just looking forward to the future. We're hoping that some of the furniture we had in Maryland will show up again in Arkansas, and if it doesn't, that it all has a good adventure in whatever new home it finds itself.

October dates are finalizing now. We will see David Evans, Sandra Alcosser, Phil Dacey, Nance van Winckel, and another half dozen through the prairies and some of the mountain states.

We'll momentarily pause across the Canadian border at the end of October, then dip into Washington and Oregon in early November. Stay tuned.