Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Sept Pre-RV Trip All Set

The 2 week trip from Maryland to Minnesota and back is set. The following poets are on the schedule:

Jim Harms, Morgantown, WV
David Citino, Columbus, OH
Martha Collins, Oberlin, OH
Jim Cummins, Cincinnati, OH
Carl Phillips, St. Louis, MO
Miller Williams, Fayeteville, AR
Scott Cairns, Columbia MO
Marvin Bell, Iowa City, IA
Michael Dennis Browne, Minneapolis, MN
Lisa Samuels, Milwaukee, WI
Orlando Menes, South Bend, IN
Linda Gregerson, Ann Arbor, MI

They each have my tremendous appreciation. Results of this first trip will be posted during the 9/1-9/15 period. Keep checking here and at the main page.